Mr. Exes (Facundo N. Velilla) is a Graphic Visual Communication Designer, graduated of the University of Fine Arts (Facultad de Bellas Artes) of La Plata (U. N. L. P.) and has a Special Formation on Artistic Drawing. He also studied Cartoon Animation at Duendes Del Sur Studio, and Script with Carlos Trillo. This makes him ideal for carrying out and solve graphics problems where illustration should be applied to the design.

Since the 2004 works doing comics and illustrations for Argentina (Editorial Perfil, Comiqueando, Fierro, +Info, Suda Mery k!), U.S.A. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tales From the Crypt, Cryptic) and England (Ransom Publishing). Since 2010 to 2012, draw three graphic novels (with Alejo Valdearena in scripts) adapting "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde, "Hard Times" by Charles Dickens and "A Dark Affair" by Honoré de Balzak, published by "Sol90" (Spain).

Since 2006 works also solving graphic needs where illustration goes with the design, as a complete piece, joining his two vocations. For design studios and particular clients (Hyundai, ESPN, Telefonica, Cristal Beer, SudTipos, others) he creates designs of characters for games, books and web pages, also vector drawings for flash animations and web templates, adding digital colouring, backgrounds, didactic comics, CD art and graphics and pictograph font design.

In 2006, Domus Editorial published his book compilation "Exesos: Las Sobras Maestras de Mr. Exes" (Exess: The Master Leftovers of Mr. Exes), and the book "HR: Historietas Reales" (Real Comics), compilation of the popular blog of which he is part.

Today he is dedicated to board games design, creating "Match of Improvisation La Plata City: The Board Game" and the card game of the popular argentinian cartoon character "Cazador" (Hunter).

On the other hand, is an actor and improviser. Since 2002 is part of the staff of the show "Match of Improvisation La Plata City" and participated in other shows.


Boardgame Design (graphic design + game system)

Match of Improvisation La Plata City: The boardgame

Cazador (Hunter): Card Game

T-Shirts Design (stamps)

T-Shirt Design for the show "X vs X"